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10 Days of House Cleaning Tips for a Spring Fresh Home

Give all your home’s trouble spots a quick refresh with these pro tips. Day 1: Don’t overlook  your dishwasher, this handy appliance can act as a 2nd hand home cleaner. It can help you clean glass light fixture globes, toys, toothbrushes and more, Just set to gentle...

Clean with baking soda? 23 of the best ways

Avoid the harmful chemicals found in many commercial cleaning products and opt for a non-toxic cleaning routine. I have written several times on non-toxic cleaning recipes, but one ingredient in particular that’s a must-have for DIY non-toxic cleaning and has quickly become my...

Maid or Housekeeper for your Woodstock Home?

A lot of people take pride in keeping a well-organized Woodstock, GA house, but housework is a systematic task that’s not for everyone. As children, most individuals are taught to clean up after themselves, but as an adult, you may have some valid reasons why keeping your home...

How To Hire A Home Cleaning Service For The First Time

Hiring someone to clean your home is complicated. On one end of the spectrum lies a history of domestic work fraught with racism. On the other end rests the fear of being judged for having a sink full of dishes at the end of a particularly busy week. But, like finding a cab...
canton,ga maid services

Maids In Canton,GA

Did you know there are Maids in Canton, GA? If your specifically looking for maid services in Canton, GA. You want a company that provides maids with several years of experience. We provide maids that are professional at residential house cleaning services. When you hire Fine...

Cleaning Tips: The Tough Problems

Shower door soap scum, greasy dirt on lamps and kitchen cabinets…some things around the house just don’t come clean. We talked to professional house cleaners and got them to spill their best-kept cleaning secrets. Use these tips to simplify your housecleaning—and save time...

Time For Spring Cleaning!

5 Surprising Reasons Why Spring Cleaning is Good for You There’s more to cleaning than meets the eye It’s that time of the year again to start thinking about spring cleaning, which means some serious decluttering, reorganization, scrubbing and polishing. Whether you...

Canton,GA House Cleaning

Fine Shine Cleaning is committed to providing quality House Cleaning in Canton, GA and surrounding areas. We have operated successfully and remained growing strong for 8 years. As a customer-satisfaction driven business in Canton,GA, we do our best to offer our clients...
canton ga dust mite cleaning services

House Dust Mite Cleaning Services

Need Dust Mite Cleaning Services? According to wikipedia, The house dust mite (sometimes referred to by allergists as HDM) is a cosmopolitan pyroglyphidae that lives in human habitation. Dust mites feed on organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin and flourish in the...

9 Tips To Deodorize Your Home

Let’s face it. Your home has “acquired” a smell(s), and you just can’t seem to get rid of the odors sometimes. Things that are clean usually shouldn’t smell, but some odors have a way of getting in and all over everything. This article explains...
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