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Clean with baking soda? 23 of the best ways

Avoid the harmful chemicals found in many commercial cleaning products and opt for a non-toxic cleaning routine. I have written several times on non-toxic cleaning recipes, but one ingredient in particular that’s a must-have for DIY non-toxic cleaning and has quickly become my...
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Maids In Canton,GA

Did you know there are Maids in Canton, GA? If your specifically looking for maid services in Canton, GA. You want a company that provides maids with several years of experience. We provide maids that are professional at residential house cleaning services. When you hire Fine...

Time For Spring Cleaning!

5 Surprising Reasons Why Spring Cleaning is Good for You There’s more to cleaning than meets the eye It’s that time of the year again to start thinking about spring cleaning, which means some serious decluttering, reorganization, scrubbing and polishing. Whether you...

Canton,GA House Cleaning

Fine Shine Cleaning is committed to providing quality House Cleaning in Canton, GA and surrounding areas. We have operated successfully and remained growing strong for 8 years. As a customer-satisfaction driven business in Canton,GA, we do our best to offer our clients...
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Great Summer Cleaning Tips

When we clean houses all over Canton, GA we like to tell our customer about these great summer cleaning tips to make house cleaning less of a task. Summer implies vacations, lazy days at the beach, bumper crops of veggies from the garden — cleaning the house is probably the...

10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

If you live in the Canton, GA area where we service most of our customers. We bring you these great cleaning tips to help keep your home clean & fresh. These are tried & true 10 easy Spring cleaning tips. 1. Work from the top down, inside to outside, to avoid getting what...

Weekly schedule to keep the house clean

It’s a challenge to keep your house in tip top shape from week to week. We all have busy schedules and hectic lives. We have families. We have pets. We have kiddos running rampant. But, if we don’t stop and make a schedule to get things accomplished around our homes, we’ll lose...
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Learn the best ways to clean home

We have the best ways to clean home. Welcome fall with a home that’s sparkling clean—and free of the streaks, smudges and fingerprints collected over the summer. The days are getting shorter and the lazy days of summer are almost over. It’s a perfect time to tackle all those...

5 easy spring ​cleaning shortcuts

These 5 cleaning shortcuts will get your home ready for spring and keep it that way all year long. From removing dust to banishing bathroom grime. Remove dust now. Household dust is made up of tracked-in dirt, sloughed-off skin cells, pet dander and dust mite excrement and...

Tips to conquer bathroom odors

Don’t let a bathroom odors get the best of you. In the small, damp confines of a bathroom, odors can quickly become overwhelming. But with just a few easy preventive measures, you can keep yours smelling fresh. 1. Let the air flow. Turn on the overhead fan, open a window,...
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