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Cleaning Tips: The Tough Problems

Shower door soap scum, greasy dirt on lamps and kitchen cabinets…some things around the house just don’t come clean. We talked to professional house cleaners and got them to spill their best-kept cleaning secrets. Use these tips to simplify your housecleaning—and save time...

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall is lurking just around the corner and it’s time to do a little extra cleaning in your home just like a deep spring cleaning. We bring you our simple Fall Cleaning checklist for your cleaning your home. Wash all windows. Use glass cleaner, or one squirt of dishwashing...

10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

If you live in the Canton, GA area where we service most of our customers. We bring you these great cleaning tips to help keep your home clean & fresh. These are tried & true 10 easy Spring cleaning tips. 1. Work from the top down, inside to outside, to avoid getting what...

House Cleaning Tips For The Holidays

We all love the Holidays! Do you love Holiday House Cleaning? Prepping your home for holiday parties or overnight guests can be hectic. Eliminate day-of cleaning chaos by dividing your housecleaning tasks into doable segments. Follow our 7-Day Cleaning Plan and 1-Hour Quick Clean...

Cool-​weather home maintenance tips

When it comes to home maintenance, the cost of restoring often exceeds preventative care, according to certified home inspector Keith Swift, PhD, author of the Manual for a Happy Home. And that’s because what may be only a small problem now could become a big one later....

Weekly schedule to keep the house clean

It’s a challenge to keep your house in tip top shape from week to week. We all have busy schedules and hectic lives. We have families. We have pets. We have kiddos running rampant. But, if we don’t stop and make a schedule to get things accomplished around our homes, we’ll lose...
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Learn the best ways to clean home

We have the best ways to clean home. Welcome fall with a home that’s sparkling clean—and free of the streaks, smudges and fingerprints collected over the summer. The days are getting shorter and the lazy days of summer are almost over. It’s a perfect time to tackle all those...

Clever uses for Pledge

Believe or not, There are many clever uses for Pledge other than dusting or furniture polishing. Watch the video to learn more clever uses of Pledge.

5 easy spring ​cleaning shortcuts

These 5 cleaning shortcuts will get your home ready for spring and keep it that way all year long. From removing dust to banishing bathroom grime. Remove dust now. Household dust is made up of tracked-in dirt, sloughed-off skin cells, pet dander and dust mite excrement and...
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Secrets to a cleaner kitchen

These simple tips from our staff and customers are your key to a cleaner, tidier kitchen. Everyone has one of those friends, neighbors or relatives whose kitchen is always spotless, no matter what. How do they do it? We can’t answer that, but we can share the best secrets...
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