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Cleaning Tips: The Tough Problems

Shower door soap scum, greasy dirt on lamps and kitchen cabinets…some things around the house just don’t come clean. We talked to professional house cleaners and got them to spill their best-kept cleaning secrets. Use these tips to simplify your housecleaning—and save time...

10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

If you live in the Canton, GA area where we service most of our customers. We bring you these great cleaning tips to help keep your home clean & fresh. These are tried & true 10 easy Spring cleaning tips. 1. Work from the top down, inside to outside, to avoid getting what...
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Secrets to a cleaner kitchen

These simple tips from our staff and customers are your key to a cleaner, tidier kitchen. Everyone has one of those friends, neighbors or relatives whose kitchen is always spotless, no matter what. How do they do it? We can’t answer that, but we can share the best secrets...
canton, ga house cleaning

Cleaning tricks that pay off!

Even a few changes can make a huge difference in your life, helping you save energy and money. But most of all, they’ll help you transform your cleaning time into more moments for the things that matter most. And isn’t that kind of magical? 1. make a great entrance...
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